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Buy Volt

What festivals are you attending this year?

Pre-book your Volt here, and avoid running out of power during the festival!

Curious as to what other services we offer, check them out below!


Our products are sold through Roskilde Festivals Shop.

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Looking to buy in bulk? Get a quote here!

We expanded our selection of Festival Services!

Running out of Juice? - Get a Volt to stay Charged! 
Tired of lukewarm drinks? Need to keep your food cold? - Check out our Cool Lockers!
Want to keep the party going, but your SOUNDBOKS is out of power? - Swap your SOUNDBOKS battery for a fresh one! 
Need to store keys, passport or other important things? - Get yourself a locker! 
Can’t be asked to drag your camping gear with you? - Rent it all from us! 

We love the festivals. You love having a good time, but you hate having your phone run out of battery. This portable charger will ensure you're never without that perfect shot or emergency contact number while gallivanting around the festival grounds.

Pre-book your Volt now, and pick it up once you arrive at the festival. 

Our Volt Charging Service covers you for the entire festival and allows you to swap your Volt once a day for a freshly charged one. If you got a Volt already you won’t have to pay the deposit, but if you’re new to Volt, we require a 200 DKK deposit, which we’ll return to you once you hand back the Volt. Please keep in mind, your Volt can only be returned at the festival you bought it at, the given year. 

Fancy keeping your Volt? no worries! We’ll keep your deposit and you keep the Volt. If you let us know that you’d like to keep the Volt we’ll even provide you with a free cable to charge your Volt at home. 

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Swapping Service by Volt

Keep the party going and the SOUNDBOKS blasting! With our SOUNDBOKS Swapping Service, you’ll be able to blast those tunes until the early morning! Pre-book your wished amount of swaps now! 

Our SOUNDBOKS Swapping Service is a simple battery swap solution set-up in collaboration with SOUNDBOKS. So pre-book a set amount of swaps or buy them on-site. Once your battery is out of juice, grab a friend and head to one of our hubs to swap your battery. Regardless of your SOUNDBOKS model, we got the battery so don’t worry if you got an older model, we got batteries for all editions. 

See you on site! 

Cool Locker

Have you already experienced the luxury of cold beers and wine on-site? We know! It's not something to give up ever again! And if you haven’t tried it yet, now is the time! 

Pre-book your Cool Locker to gain direct access upon arrival to the festival! A Cool Locker is a must have once on site if you’re tired of warm beers, want to keep your food cold or need to store medication chilled.

All lockers are set to a temperature between 3-6 degrees. All we require is a small lock deposit, which we’ll return once the Cool Locker is cleaned and the lock returned. 

Locker 1.jpg


Day out? Store your bag and other personal belongings whilst you freely roam the site, without worries about your stuff! This summer we provide lockers at multiple festivals, so go ahead and pre-book yours now!


Attending a festival or event? But you're only on site for the day or an even shorter period? We know how annoying it can be to drag bags or jackets etc. around. With a locker you can safely store your belongings for a given period of time, and access them at all times at no extra cost. All we require is a small lock deposit, which will be refunded once you emptied the locker.

Rent your gear

Provided by Roskilde Festival

Want to help make our festivals greener? Why not start by renting quality recycled camping gear! 

With Rent your gear, you have a selection of camping gear to choose from, depending on what you need, so check it out and find exactly what you need!


By renting your gear, you’ll help Roskilde make the festivals greener as well as joining us, in the fight against rubbish left on-site. Furthermore, you won’t have to drag camping gear with you, meaning an almost effortless trip to the festival, upon arrival you just pick-up your pre-booked gear and pitch it with your friends.
A renting fee is required as well as a deposit, but the deposit will be returned once you hand-back your rented gear.


In stock: tents, pavilions, air mattresses, chairs, and tables.
Check it out and book your gear directly with Roskilde Festival!

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