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About Volt

Volt's mission is to deliver services that make the festival experience
better, freer, easier, and cooler for all festival guests.

We are driven by our values Freedom, Trust, and Good Vibes. 

In the future, you cannot say festival without saying Volt. 

Our story

Volt Charger.


3 students.


Revolutionary technology.

The future of festivals.

                     Volt Company.
With the mission to provide tech solutions for festivals across Denmark and abroad, the 3 students soared into the event-star sky. Since then the company has grown and we now provide more than 5 innovative services at multiple festivals in both Denmark, EU and GB.


Meet Office

Volt is a team of passionate people, who do their best to deliver festival services that make the festival experience better, freer, easier and cooler for all our amazing festival guests and partners.
A big shout out and thank you to our Volunteers, Team Leaders and Area Managers who help us year after year, making our set-up and service possible! Volt wouldn't exist without them. 

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