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Forudbestil din Soundlock nu og spar penge! 
Lås din SOUNDBOKS til jorden og dans natten lang.


299 DKK ekskl. depositum

Refunderbart depositum 

450 DKK Soundlock*

*Vi opkræver et depositum på 450 kr. for leje af Soundlocken. Du skal betale det refunderbare depositum på 450 DKK ved afhentning af din Soundlock. 

Du vil gerne have festen med, men du er nervøs for at miste din SOUNDBOKS? Vi er her for at låse dine bekymringer væk med Soundlock. 


Med en Soundlock kan du sikre dine SOUNDBOKS til jorden. Du fastgør blot låsen til jorden, og låser derefter din SOUNDBOKS til Soundlocken. Og bare sådan har du én ting mindre at bekymre dig om.  


Soundlock er et fysisk låsesystem til at sikre store, dyre genstande i områder, hvor det normalt ikke er muligt.

Soundlock fungerer ved at samle håndtaget og skruen. Bagefter skrues Soundlocken i jorden, indtil kun den orange top er synlig. Håndtaget tages derefter af og gemmes væk.

Soundlocken er nu et sikret anker i jorden, hvortil det er muligt at fastgøre din SOUNDBOKS eller andre genstande med stålwiren.

Når hængelåsen er indsat og låst til den orange top, er det ikke længere muligt at fastgøre håndtaget, hvilket gør det umuligt at skrue Soundlocken af jorden uden nøgle.

Vi opkræver et depositum på 450 DKK med Soundlock, som vi refunderer inden for 21 bankdage. Bare aflever Soundlock, inden du forlader festivalen. Hvis du ønsker at beholde Soundlocken, skal du blot tage den med hjem, så beholder vi dit depositum.


Interesseret, men ikke overbevist? Se videoen om, hvordan du bruger Soundlock her.  




Jeg tør ikke tage min SOUNDBOKS med, men jeg vil gerne være DJ


Lås dine bekymringer væk og lås festen til din lejr


Skru op DJ og mix det bedre end Sir Mixalot

  • Why should I become a Volunteer at Volt?
    Volunteering at Volt is not your regular Festival Volunteering gig. We connect people, and enhance the festival experience, by offering festival add-ons to eliminate worries about ‘running out of juice’, warm beers, and dragging cheap camping gear around. Volt is a community of like-minded people and festival lovers. We see our team return year after year, to join the feeling, have that amazing experience, and catch up with cross-country festival buddies.
  • What does the gig as a Volt volunteer entail?
    1. Spread the good vibes and give great customer service 2. Swap Volt Chargers 3. Swap Soundboks-batteries 4. Hand out camping equipment 5. Assist with our Lockers 6. Have a great time We serve thousands of customers, so you have to be service-minded and love chatting with happy drunk festival guests. Our concept is simple: Customers who have rented one of our many services will be able to pick it up in one of our stalls, swap it according to the agreement, before returning it at the end of the festival. If the service requires a deposit payment this will be refunded once the product has been returned.
  • What are the shift hours?
    The exact amount of hours is always following the festival requirements, therefore, the hours you have to work depend on the length of the festival and how many hours they require you to Volunteer. Before signing up to Volunteer, you can check out how many hours you'll have to work at the top. We always do our best to ensure a fair shift pattern, meaning no one will end up with only night shifts. Additionally, we aim to make it possible for you to watch those favourite acts of yours, as we know this and spending quality time with friends is probably the main reason for you to be Volunteering at the festival.
  • I'm attending the festival with a friend, can we have shifts together?
    Yes - we will do our best to ensure that you and your friend can choose the same shift package, however, we cannot guarantee it.
  • What does Volt expect from me?
    We are looking for people that match the following statements: You got such a positive attitude and you're always smiling After a night out, you're always the first one awake, who annoyingly never seems hungover or at least knows how to ignore the headaches You're always 5 minutes early If anyone is ever in need of help, you're always there to offer a hand Furthermore, we hope you love the festival vibe, and fancy sharing it with us and all our customers. Have you been to a festival before that is definitely a +, but if you haven't, don't worry, we’ll teach you the ins and outs of festival life, and take good care of you! Please read the terms of Volunteering for Volt before signing up. This gives a clear indicator of our expectations and the terms of Volunteering for Volt.
  • What are the perks of Volunteering with Volt?
    You will join a great community of like minded people, who love festivals and all the fun they bring with them. Many Volunteers return year on year, to catch up with cross country festival buddies and become both Team Leaders and Area Managers. Apart from all the cosiness and social activities, you’ll also get A festival wristband that gives you access to the entire festival A Volt Charger and free charging service during the festival (and yes you can take the charger home after the festival) Free snacks and drinks when on shift
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