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The real taste of a pilsner - with 0,0% alcohol.

Keeps you refreshed at Smukfest. 

Price - 24 Royal 0,0 Alcohol Free Pilsner

179 DKK all incl.

The price is for 24 beers and is all included - no hidden costs.

The sale of Royal is offered by Smukfest.

Royal Pilsner 0,0


Royal 0,0% is a 100% alcohol-free beer, which tickles your throat, with the fresh taste of hops. Royal 0,0% leaves you with a taste of 100% real pilsner. The smell is sweet and the taste is fresh and light - exactly as a pilsner should be. 


Where do I pick up my Royal?


A few weeks before Smukfest we will contact you asking you where you intend to pick up your beer. 

We have different pick-up options depending on which camping area you stay at: 

  • Kærligheden by Ubåden, Mark 2

  • Skanderborghus by Kurts Bar- and Foodbreak

  • Sølund by the draft beer wagon (Fadølsvognen)

  • Skovlunden by Cafe Schulstad


If you are staying at FØLA, Boldbanerne, Naturligheden, Holst or FriHeden, you can pick up your ice cold beer at our new Hops Van, Humlebilen. Humlebilen is a moving beer van that visits the camping areas, that do not have fixed delivery locations. We will update you later, with Humlebilen stops and driving hours.


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