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At Volt we stress the importance of having a great team, to ensure the optimal working environment for our Volunteers. We always do our best to create a fun and engaging experience for our Team Leaders, which they can pass on to our Volunteers, so it shines through our stalls and smittens our customers! Fancy leading the fun parade and being in charge of some of the most amazing Volunteers at some of Denmark's many festivals?


Why should you become a Team Leader at Volt?

Volt is a community, and we pride ourselves on being able to gather a team from around the world who after a year at Volt, regularly comes back to join us, our Friday bars, the festival team  and to catch up with those cross country festival buddies! 


At Volt no day is ever the same! At festivals we become alive, we love the energy, and we assume you do the same! As a Team Leader your day is all about sharing this feeling with your Volunteers but also to make sure it reaches our customers, you’ll be in our stall engaging with our Volunteer team ensuring they deliver an amazing service, whilst feeling the festival vibe! If the mood is low, you’re the one to drag that mini game out the hat, turn up the music or start a dance off.

In need of help? Our manager team is only a call away, and with years of Volt experience, they know the ins and outs of our services, so don’t worry, we got your back! And once your shift is over, we’ll happily grab a beer with you! 

Roskilde Festival 2022 Aftermovie!
Miss the RF feeling, take a look here, and it'll bring you right back! 

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