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Become a Partner

Engaging event- and tech solutions to enhance your customer's experience. 

Our Services

Volt is your festival/event partner, when it comes to service solutions enhancing the customer experience. Check out the possibilities below, or drop us a line and let us in on your great idea and how we might be able to help you.


Brand Activation

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Festival/Event Rental

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Customised Volt

Fancy seeing your brand flashed at some of Denmark's many Festivals? Become an official Festival Partner and generate leads, create brand awareness and improve your ROI. In the past we collaborated with 3 Mobile, Hedvig Home Insurance and Alm. Brand. So tell us about your goal, and let us help you reach it. 

With our many rental services, we offer a complete digitised customer journey, simplifying the booking and collections of a service. Apart from our leading portable phone charging solution Volt, we are currently collaborating with SOUNDBOKS and Mylocker to provide SOUNDBOKS battery swap and locker solutions at the Danish festivals and sporting events. 

Our colorful silicone sleeves double in function, by protecting our Volt against a dusty festival environment and the daily bumps it might receive, when carried around, but it also works wonders promoting brands. Through the years we worked with multiple brands to create customised Volt, used at launch parties or within gift bags.  


How can we help? 

Tell us about your great idea, and how we'll be able to support it, we'll then get back to you as soon as possible!

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Partners & Collaborations

Over the years, we've had the opportunities to partner up with some amazing people and companies from different countries, our collaborations generally focus on ROI, creating brand awareness and generating leads.

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