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Version 3.0 - 4th April 2022

Terms for Volunteering at Volt

1 Tasks and responsibilities

  • Working for Volt ApS entails a lot of different tasks covering exchange of Volt Charger, registration of customers, general customer service and promotion of the service. This can be both under open sky, from our mobile sales points, stationery sales containers and the official cloakrooms. The tasks vary depending on the volunteer’s shifts, and which festival the volunteer participates at. 

  • The volunteer is under obligation to show up 10 minutes prior to the start of the shift and not leave before your replacement has arrived.

  • The volunteer is obliged to wear a Volt t-shirt as the outer layer throughout the entire shift. The t-shirt is handed out at the beginning of each shift, and must be returned at the end of the shift.

2 Shifts and workload

2.1 Roskilde Festival

  • The volunteer has a total sum of 32 hours of volunteer work separated into 4 shifts of 8 hours each.

  • As a starting point all shifts are chosen in shift packages consisting of the four shifts divided between camping and music days. 

2.2 Other festivals

  • The number of working hours depends on the particular festival and is communicated during the volunteer signup process.

2.3 Special arrangements

  • Upon special agreement, the volunteer can have shifts before and/or after the festival.

3 Additional requirements for Volt volunteers

  • If a volunteer has their wristband confiscated, if the wristband becomes damaged or is lost in any other way, the volunteer must inform Volt immediately.

  • No employees or volunteers may be under any influence of intoxicants during a shift.

4 Working place

  • The volunteer will be appointed to a specific booth, mobile salespoint, or cloakroom at the festival which will be the working place for the volunteer. The working place is subject to change without notice.

  • The back area of a sales booth is a working area and not a party or gathering point.

  • No unauthorised persons are allowed in the sales point or back area at any point.

  • Theft will be reported to the police immediately.

5 Compensation

  • Entry pass/employee wristband that serves as admission to the festival.

  • Snacks and beverages available when on shift.

  • Access to employee camping area. The employee camping area is only for volunteers and employees on the festival, and includes hot showers, cheap breakfast and other goods. (This is valid for Roskilde Festival only). 

  • Free Volt Swapping Service and a non refundable Volt powerbank.

6 Deposit

  • Every volunteer will have to pay a 600 DKK deposit to join Volt at a festival. The deposit ensures the volunteer can be trusted to participate after the volunteer has accepted a spot on the team.

  • The volunteer is only secured a volunteer spot when the deposit has been successfully paid. The volunteer receives a deposit confirmation on email as proof of payment immediately after the payment. 

  • The deposit has to be paid before the festival starts or the volunteer’s first shift. The deposit will usually have to be paid immediately after applying to become a volunteer for Volt.

  • Payment of the deposit is linked to the volunteers profile in the volunteer portal. This entails that only one payment can be made from each profile, and therefore the volunteer cannot pay deposits for other volunteers through their own profile.  

  • The deposit will be refunded to the account linked to the credit card that was used to pay the deposit.

  • The deposit will be refunded shortly after the end of the festival. You will receive an email when the refund has been performed. The money will be visible on your account approx. 5-10 days hereafter. In some cases with Mastercards or international transfers it can take up to 30 days before the deposit is visible on the recipient's account. 

7 No-show and cancellation

  • The volunteer deposit will only be refunded if all shifts are completed. If the volunteer does not show up to a shift without reason, a claim of full payment for a partout ticket to the festival and other costs charged to Volt ApS by the festival organisers will be submitted to the volunteer. Furthermore the volunteer’s wristband will be cut and taken by Volt. This will also apply if the volunteer shows up on duty intoxicated, influenced by alcohol or drugs, or late without a reason.

  • At no-show from one or more shifts the volunteer will get blacklisted by the festival organiser. As a blacklisted volunteer it will not be possible to volunteer at the same festival for any organisation in the future.

  • If ill, the volunteer has to inform Volt as soon as possible and last 2 hours before the shift starts. The volunteer will need to be able to show an official doctor's notice underlining that the volunteer is not able to work. If this requirement is met the wristband will be cut and delivered to Volt, and it will not be seen as not showing up. In this case the volunteer will not have to reimburse the full payment for the partout ticket to the festival, and the deposit will be refunded.

8 Confidentiality

  • The volunteer in Volt may not - either during or at any time after his or her involvement as a volunteer for Volt - disclose any confidential information that has been acquired by him or her as part of his or her volunteer work and involvement with Volt. Confidential information includes (but is not limited to) information about users of the Volt services, Volt’s employees, Volt’s volunteers and users of Volt’s commercial partner’s services. Information might include (but is not limited to) name, phone number and email.

  • The volunteer are not allowed to pass on confidential information that he or she has acquired as part of his or her volunteer work for Volt to a third party.

  • The volunteer are not allowed to use the confidential information that he or she has acquired as part of his or her volunteer work for Volt for anything but delivering the services Volt alone or Volt together with commercial partners offer.

  • The volunteer accepts that the terms in paragraph “8 Confidentiality” are binding not only during his or her involvement with Volt, but also after his or her volunteer work has come to an end.

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