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Join Volt

and become a Content Creator Volunteer!

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Have you got a TikTokker hidden inside you, and fancy bringing it to the Danish festival scene? - Become part of our Content Creator Team! 

We are looking for some creative beans, who love festivals and have a desire to create new trends on TikTok. We are  currently trying to gather a brand new Content Creator team, to fire up our TikTok channel. We want to be the young crowd's number 1 festival friend. Whether it's relatable festival situations-, festival lifehacks-, packing lists-, what's in my bag-, lip syncs-, dance offs- content or something completely else, it doesn't matter, we trust you to generate more views! 

So if you already have a lot of ideas to content, which relates to festival life (A term open for interpretation) and the preparations, you might be the Volunteer we're looking for! 

What exactly am I doing?

You'll be doing TikTok from our profile @getvolt, and become the face of Volt together with content creator team! We expect you to use about the same amount of hours on the task, as the other volunteers contributes to the given festival, you'll agree on your working hours with your manager, but these can be both before, during and after the festival. 

If you fancy spending a little ekstra time on the task, we will be forever grateful, and return the favour with good energy and treats at the festival (something you can hear more about, if we believe you'll be suitable for the task).

In addition you'll have a shift in one of our many booth, where focus will be to showcase, who Volt is and the things we do better than anyone else!


We need Content Creators who'd like to attend one or more of the following festivals:

When applying, please specify what festival(s) you wish to attend. 

What do we offer?

In addition to a partout ticket for the chosen festival, you'll get access to all the volunteer facilities, and a unique possibility to develop the Content Creator inside you. Maybe you're already got a well developed TikTok channel or maybe you're just dreaming about kickstarting your TikTok career, we offer you the possibility to test out your ideas, chat with other likeminded people, and receive guidance from our awesome marketing team.

You'll be able to unravel the creative bean within you, and pick your hours in collaboration with our marketing team. 

That sound amazing!
How do I get in consideration for this position? 


We are thrilled that we have court your attention! If you'd like to catch ours, record/create a Tiktok, which relates to the word 'festival', download it and send it to us at subject: 'Content Creator'. You have to be at least 18 years. We look forward to see what you come up with and you'll then hear from us within the coming weeks. 

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